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"You had the power all along my dear."

Glinda the Good Witch

My Story

Marina Raye LICSW

My passion for integrative therapies began as a teenager in the Soviet Union. I saw a movie about Yoga and was hooked! After immigrating to the US, I began learning all that I could about yoga and other practices including Zen Meditation, Tai Chi and Shiatsu during my undergraduate studies at Boston University.

I discovered quickly that these practices, especially Zen meditation helped me immensely with my own Anxiety and Depression.

My desire to help others find similar relief guided my decision to enroll in Master of Social Work program at New York University.
During the same period I discovered Huna. The book by Serge Kahili King, Kahuna Healing, felt like a homecoming! I had found my people, my voice and my calling to teach. I began a life long study of Huna, and continue to study Yoga and breathwork.

My practice of Holistic Psychotherapy was born, addressing all aspects of being physical, mental emotional and spiritual. I combined my love of Integrative Therapies with my love of Social Work, which at its core supports the strength of the individual.

This is my message:

All Power Comes From Within. It is my true joy to help you discover your True Power.

Let’s get to know one another…

Counseling, Coaching and Therapy are as effective as your readiness to create change in your life. Knowing the pace that suits your lifestyle will increase your comfort and opportunities for success.

Though I am a traditionally educated Therapist, my approach departs from Traditional Talk Therapy as it takes into consideration the overall wellness of each person. I call on many skills and tools to assist you in your healing journey including Breathwork, Nutritional Counseling, CognomovementTM, Tapping and Movement Therapies. With those techniques, change can happen quite rapidly. Many find significant relief in just a few sessions.

Working with me

Featuring Cognomovement™

Many methods in Self Help and even traditional Psychology offer help. However, one of the biggest challenges in releasing long held issues with these traditional methods is that a person will have to voice them first! Many people feel embarrassed, ashamed and even silly about admitting to being stuck for years with the same issue. Or even the issue itself can feel too uncomfortable to discuss. Sometimes there just aren’t words, the problem may express as an unexplainable discomfort.

This is one of the most beautiful benefits of the Cognomovement™ system! The “issue” doesn’t’ have to be spoken out loud! In fact the “issue” doesn’t have to be acknowledged at all! Only the feeling of the stuckness need be noticed.

For more information on Cognomovement™ Click here

Offering - The Huna Way

All Power comes from within. Huna is an integral part of my life and therefore my work with my clients.
Huna is not a treatment technique or a therapy, it is a philosophy and a way of living that promotes over all wellbeing.

If I could convey just one of the concepts that I value the most it would be this:
The world is what you think it is and you are the one that can change what you think, therefore you have the power to change your reality.

My practice follows the lessons of Serge Kahili King

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Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients

"I have known Marina for well over ten years and feel blessed that she is part of my life. I view her as an integral part in helping me maintain optimal health mentally, physically and spiritually. Her guidance and support has helped me tremendously through some challenging times in my life. I appreciate her holistic approach and helping me make the mind and body connection and how that impacts everyone's overall health. She is able to utilize both traditional and non-traditional therapies in innovative ways, which I feel is a perfect balance for me. I always look forward to meeting with her and leave feeling more relaxed. She is always researching new approaches, which I think is essential in a good therapist. She is very gifted in the work that she does and I highly recommend scheduling a session with her if you are looking for a life coach/therapist.”

Sherry A.

"Marina Raye is a brilliant therapist and life coach. She was able to abbreviate my feelings of distress due to anxiety and depression by helping me shift my negative thought patterns with her unique approach and as she uncovered the dynamics that drove me into hopelessness and despair she facilitated a radical shift in perspective unveiling all the possibilities in my life that I had previously missed."

Debora K

"Your techniques have helped me achieve a complete feeling of bliss throughout my physical body and peace in my mind. My breath is easy and free of restrictions, I gaze at the world with gentleness in my eyes and for the first time in my life I feel comfortable, safe and at peace inside myself."

Greg W.

“Marina has counseled me with gentleness, guided me with her profound insights and finally she provided me with the tools to achieve the goals I never thought I could achieve in my lifetime. Her kindness and generosity of spirit makes you feel safe, protected and validated. She has a vast knowledge of several treatment modalities with great emphasis in helping you achieve and maintain a balance between mind and body."

Cefora R.

"Thank you Marina for the deeply transformative work. You helped me achieve a level of acceptance of myself in such a short time that I never thought possible. Our sessions have put me in a path of healing and a new awareness for which I am truly grateful"

Karina W.

Your work is very inspiring and touched me very deeply. Your compassion, sincerity and ability to facilitate insight and change is truly amazing. Thanks to your sessions, my world is now full of possibilities and that I can't wait to explore"

Jonathan M.

“Marina is a very compassionate person who listens both with her heart and soul. She has helped me deal with many issues such as family, work and the overall meaning of life. She keeps me going forward. Her holistic techniques and guidance has helped me to become a more confident, loving and happier person. I am very grateful to have her guidance.”

Jean C.

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